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The Self Folding Bill Magic ebook

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Here's how you will make $199 per sale.

I'm sure you already understand the part about how you can make money by reselling copies of the e-Book for $19.99. But I've designed a system that harnesses the full power of the internet, turning your e-Book into a virtual magic money machine!

After a customer buys the initial plan (e-Book and website), they are presented with options to upgrade directly through the e-Book, to increase their profit potential.

These upgades create 3 new streams of income for you!


What is branding? When you receive your package including your e-Book and website files, you will notice that there are some magic related links to sponsors like Amazon.com and others, they also appear on this website. There are links inside the e-Book which allow you to have your copies "branded", meaning you can have the links in these ads changed to your own affiliate links for a one time fee of $49.99

Affiliate sales are the hottest thing on the net, and branding is a very powerful option. If you choose to have your e-Book branded, every copy sold will have the potential to generate tremendous income for you over time. Every customer who buys the $19.99 package will be reselling copies of the e-Book with your affiliate links inside. They will be working to generate income for you by distributing your links for you. And some of the affiliates will pay you as much as 50% of every sale!

You are featured in the e-Book as a sponsor and there are links from the e-Book directly to your site. So every book in circulation advertises your website. These e-Books usually sit right on someone's desktop for easy reference, creating the ultimate shortcut to your website.

When you order a branded package, your main e-Book is branded, but your free bonus e-Book is branded also, with a very prominent link to your sales page.
The free e-Book with your links inside will be widely distributed by others and soon, 1000's of visitors will flock to this page eager to buy the $19.99 package directly from you!


Also Included is the opportunity to purchase the full master rights to the e-Books. This allows you to brand the e-Books yourself. Then you can provide the branding service to your customers, charging them $49.99!

But you'll be providing branding for more than just your customers. The branding option will then be available directly from you through every package sold by you and your customers until someone pays you to change it. The same goes for their customers and the customers after them. All of this is free advertising your branding service for many generations of sales.

You'll also have all of the source files to my website so you can include your own ads and links. Those will also spread like a virus as your downstream increases. Branding the e-Books and website with your affiliate links is like planting a seed. A seed that will grow a money tree!

You can upgrade to the master rights which enable you to brand the e-Books for your own customers for a one time fee of $199. It also enables you to sell the $199 master package to others.


Once you've purchased the master right
s, you'll also have the right to resell the master rights package for $199!

Your master rights link will remain in every single copy of the e-Book you put into circulation. So anyone anywhere down the line who receives a copy of your original e-Book will have the opportunity to purchase the the master rights directly from you for $199!

That would include every e-Book you've sold as well as every $19.99 package your customers sell... and every $19.99 package their customers sell and so on.

You also have the potential to make a simple $49.99 branding sale to every single one of those customers. In that case your master rights link will remain in the book, since the customer did not purchase the ability to change the links themselves.

You will also include your master rights and branding links in the free bonus e-Book, which spreads like wildfire since it can be distributed for free. And it won't change until someone pays you to change it!

Consider this . .

Lets say you sell just 2 e-Books with resale rights per week. That means over the next 3 months you would have sold 24 copies of e-Books which include your personal master rights link.

2 e-Books x 12 weeks = 24 copies in circulation

Now lets assume that each of your 24 customers sold only 2 a week. That would distribute another 576 copies over 3 months.

24 e-Books x 24 = 576 copies in circulation

For examples sake, lets say all 576 of those also sell 2 a week. that makes 13,842 copies with your master link inside.

576 x 24 = 13,842 copies in circulation

That's 13,842 opportunites for you to make a $199 sale, or $2,754,558 in potential sales. If only 5% of those people actually buy the package you will have made..

$137,727.90 in just a few months!

These are very low estimates. Most of your customers will sell many more than 2 a week. And remember that you will also be selling the $49.99 branding service and the base packages for $19.99. Plus, even the customers who do not buy will still be able to download the free bonus e-Book.. and it will be loaded with your affiliate links!

All it takes to get started is a small investment of $19.99 for the e-Books and website. (And I'll even tell you where to get it hosted for free)

So what are you waiting for?

I accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.
(After you have completed payment, you will be delivered to the download page.)

PS. After all this I hope you didn't forget forget about the magic! You'll have at least $1000 worth of fun with the tricks. They are fantastic, and they are what makes this operation tick. You would have no problem selling the tricks for $19.99 all day long even without the resale rights, website or branding capability. That's what guarantees your success. The site would make money without all the extras. I've just incorporated them to make you rich faster!

Any questions, problems or comments please contact me

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